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BoBoiBoy is an Animated Series

BoBoiBoy is an animated series produced by Malaysia Animonsta Studios. The animated series tells the story of a child who has incredible power to confront the aliens that want to attack Earth. Along with a fourth friend, Yaya Ying, Gopal, and Fang. BoBoiBoy attempted to thwart the alien-headed box called Buffalo Du green along with Probes and Computer that wants to conquer the Brown seeds of the Earth.

BoBoiBoy originating from Kuala Lumpur City coming to the island vacation school Pioneered to help his grandfather, Aba Tok. There, he met a new friend that is Yaya, Gopal and Ying. At the same time, the arrival of Du and his companions On the Probe and computer assistant Adu Du from the planet Earth to Three Ata Ta to steal a special chocolate Tok Aba which is available as a source of energy the most powerful on the planet Ata Ta three. After pursuing a thief that Brown, BoBoiBoy berkawan with robot creations Buffalo Du fled, namely Ochobot which gave him the strength of Earth's elements: wind, Earth and lightning. As well as the ability split into three of himself, each of which has the power of one of the elements of the Earth.

In the fight between BoBoiBoy and Buffalo along the school holidays, Du friends BoBoiBoy be involved, then Ochobot gives the ability of gravity manipulation, Yaya Ying time manipulation capabilities, and the ability of molecular manipulation Gopal. For the sake of rival performance improvement BoBoiBoy and friends to complete missions and steal Brown, Buffalo Du preparing with an assortment of plans to increase the power and influence of the Earth, including squeeze robot Messenger, Multi-monsters and kidnap a friend BoBoiBoy for the sake of their power, but all of them failed. Multi-Monsters and even help BoBoiBoy by using the powers to amend the objects with Gopal triggers a sense of fear against Multi-monsters, Gopal any damage the spaceship Adu Du with changing it so the food and they fled.

Buffalo Du to take advantage of the greatest weaknesses of BoBoiBoy when it was split into three, namely memory quickly affected if broken up too long, and kidnaps BoBoiBoy the lightning to be tortured. Torture given wasn't something planned, before he had stolen the book Secrets of the Aba, which turned out to be Tok only debt book filled with debt Gopal at Tok and the torment of Aba-owned Buffalo Du even modified by Probes and computers become spaces of celebration filled with party balloons, but BoBoiBoy fear of the eruption's voice balloons

This makes BoBoiBoy the lightning uncontrolled anger is thus increasing its power be BoBoiBoy Thunderbolt. But the Probe is lying to BoBoiBoy Lightning was his friend and his name is There he attacked D.a. BoBoiBoy wind and Land, he eventually could be soothed and easily accepted as the new power BoBoiBoy.

When the State of the playing video games Dada Zola alongside Gopal, the Buffalo game that and abusing Du enter them both in the nature of the game for the sake of defeating them easily. Draft Buffalo Du it again foiled with the help of Tok Aba, and Yaya Ying, and Ochobot. BoBoiBoy and Gopal Merry out with the game's hero, Papa Zola, along with intense enemy Giant bed that conspired with Adu Du to trap BoBoiBoy, Papa Zola and coauthors in a dreamland. So, they all fought in the game dam in dreamland Beds Giant to succeed for the sake of survival.

In the subsequent trials to get rid of the rival BoBoiBoy and coauthors, Adu Du disguise emotion in the form of jamming fluid milk goat as bait for the requested BoBoiBoy please make the biscuits together with Yaya. At that time, BoBoiBoy was split again and BoBoiBoy the wind given the responsibility, and he incorporated the ruse in milk biscuit Yaya. When the Wind tests the BoBoiBoy biscuit Yaya, she is so crazy and spread the biscuits-biscuits to the community. And his power was increased again then BoBoiBoy the wind turned into a Typhoon BoBoiBoy. Fortunately BoBoiBoy Hurricane BoBoiBoy soothed by lightning and the wisdom of the Ochobot treat kegilaannya with the last episode of the film bag of red roses that watched the Probe earlier. The end of the episode shows a reunited with Azroy cat peliharaanya, Sasha.

BoBoiBoy land haven't gotten new power down and try different headings but still failed. Aba any stop Tok BoBoiBoy deeds in order to prevent it from forgot. The time is almost ripe for a return to his native place BoBoiBoy, but it's not easy losing Du Adu and dealing with illegal arms a seller named Bago Go as hard pressed to beat BoBoiBoy. However, the transaction was not running smoothly so that the Probe ship menggadai angkasanya for party Buffalo Du for the sake of buying an electric spoon could replace the functions of pemasak rice. However, they turned out to

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